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Roger Grace and Randy Rodriguez working together in the studio during a practice session.  Almost developed in the same way Super Terrestrial song.  The two were basically jamming is seek of original materials and the kinda surfer riff that you'll hear at the beginning of the TICKET was the geniuses of the train ride.  Roger later developed and expounded on the riff at home. Then, the two came back to the studio to rehearse the foundation.  Randy recalls, when he returned with the song frame to audition it to him. Randy, Wide eyed and laugingly said, "Man Dude, there's enough material in that for three songs."  So, they cut and snipped a little here and there.  Parts of the song you can really hear where Randy, his feet and heart into double bass, where he puts pedal to the medal. Although, they admit some of the heaviness was lost in the mix and master, but, more audible on the cd vs. the mp3.  But, never the less one amazing song. 

Later after the group and rehearsed the music, the question arose, Is this just a musical piece?  It would have been a challenge to hear added to the frame work. How the song developed:  As Roger recalls, waking into the studio on late afternoon precisely about 4:00 p.m.  Roger entered the studio with an intense overwhelming feeling of the Holy Spirit.  According to Roger, there's no other feeling compared to the Holy Spirit and to receive guidance, such as that particular day.  Roger has said, "If all days were like this, I think I'd collapse. However, I'd collapes a happy person." Then, goes on to say maybe you could live with the feeling? And, if you feel anything like that, or even better in Heaven, then, what a time we'll have..... Continuing, earlier in that week, as Roger recalls, a train concept, on its way to Heaven just appeared (poped) into my head while I was driving.  Roger said, "I can't explain how, but the idea just came to me." Back in the studio, Roger and Randy turned on the ProTools recording session and named it Ticket.  No, prior recording had been done at this point.  In other words the song had not yet been tracked. Roger told Randy that today they needed to come up with a train sound. Randy looked at Roger and ask, "Well, do you have a plan?"  Roger answered, buy saying, "I don't, but, I have an amazing feeling of the Holy Spirit that's been with me all day." Roger was overcome with the Spirit even to the point of having a sizzling feeling,  and turned to Randy and asked him, if he would walk to the corner store and buy something cold to drink. Randy agreed, then left afoot to the market.   Meanwhile, Roger along in the studio" full of the Holy Spirit"  was setting up a mic to record the train sound that no one had an idea of where to start. However, Roger knew, that Randy had to do it with the drums, somehow,   Within about a minute from the time Randy left the studio heading to the store there was a knock at the rear door of the studio.  Roger thought Randy had returned for some reason.  But, standing at the door was a tenant that was renting an adjacent studio apartment, holding a large oval sardine can with two clear 12 oz drink glasses sitting  and a cold bottle of root beer, and he said, "I thought maybe you guys would like something cold to drink."  Now, Roger immediately, in the Spirit knew, that this was no ordinary sardine can.  So, Roger knew in his Spirit that this was the ticket to the train rail sound.....   Five minutes later Randy returned with a big bottle of soda.  Roger had already drank half of the root beer and had the sardine can with the empty glasses set-up and mic plugged in.  The three now, talked about the recording,  with the tenant and Randy slightly puzzled, as to what was happening, but, Randy as the trooper he is downed some soda and sit at the drum thrown and took the drum stick, and with a smile from ear to ear, guided it between the two empty glasses sitting inside the sardine can and began to rattle the glasses in the can.  Roger turned on a "new track" of the train tracks and the sound produced was very similar to a train, but just a little thin and sharp.....  Randy, Roger and the tenant listened back through the head phones in amazement.  But, then again, something told Roger to go plug it into compression and add reverb and dial it a certain way.  Roger pulled off his head phones and said, "Just a minute, I'll be right back."  He went into the control room and added compression and reverb and dialed it in from listening through the monitors, then, walked back around back into the tracking room and Randy and the tenant were both smiling big.  Now, imagine 1/2 hour earlier Roger and Randy were just starting with the Holy Spirit and faith.....A few weeks later the song was tracked using the train rail sound with the engineer and the once to the edit stage John had the brilliant idea of adding Doppler, which literally makes it sound like the train is a surf-train assending on the rails to Heaven as depected in the picture above.  A few weeks later John Cox and Roger Grace spent a day working out the knock on the door by knocking on the back side of a Martin, Recording a squeaky door, adding the sound of train brakes, land door sliding open.  Working of a megaphone sound for train announcements. Roger recalls inserting the different dialog to the tracks.   The part, at the end of the song, "There's is a feast here in Heaven and there is a plate for you was recorded last after the song was completed.  In the studio was John Cox, Roger and Randy.  After listening to the entire song someone mentioned that the end of the song was lacking and Randy, went into the tracking room and in about 3-4 takes, " The Lord is my Shearpard and I shall not want; There is a feast here in Heaven and a plate for you."  


Conductor voice:  RANDY RODRIGUEZ

Passanger voice:  Roger Grace

Guitar: Roger Grace

Guitar: Mike Ruiz

Bass Guitar: Mike Young

Drums: Randy Rodriguez

Train Whistle: Roger Grace

Rail Track sound: Randy Rodriguez

Engineer:  John Cox

Assistant engineer: Roger Grace

Mastering: Randy LeRoy at Final State Mastering  Nashville, TN

For the glory of God, written by: Roger Grace 


 ====Got Ticket?===

This Song is fun, but serious at the same time, as portrays a train going up the tracks ========== On it way to heaven.  You hear train whistles, loud guitar, train sounds going up the tracks to Heaven..... The conductor is walking through the halls of the train, Yelling Ticket, Ticket Please.  There is a knock at the cabin door and you hear the door open and the conductor says, "Ticket Please."  You can hear paper shuffling in the background, while the passenger is franticly looking for his ticket, and then say, I can't find my ticket!  The Conductor, says, "Take  your time and find it, and I'll be back in 15-minutes." And, the passenger, worriedly ask, "What happens if I can't find my ticket?"  The conductor answers, "Well, you know, this train is on its way to Heaven and if you can't find your ticket, you'll have to get off at the next stop." The passenger's widens as he mentally slaps himself, and he says with assuring confidence, "I'll find it!" then, the surfer-style music begins (Creating a little Anxiety and the impression of a kinda roller coaster/surfboard train vibe, especially on high quality sound system) with the train seemingly flying overhead by using doppler to create the effect, which is not obtainable on MP3, however you can get the picture and imagine the sound. On a surround sound system with the speakers, you liberally feel like the train blew by and over you...... After a the music drops back down (fades), you hear another knock at the same cabin door and the passenger say, "Come in."  The door opens, and the conductor looks in and then down and says, "Hey, what are you doing down there on your knees?" And, with enthusiasm the passenger turns around facing the conductor and exclaims, "I found my ticker!" Then, the conductor immediately states, "Your on your way to Heaven."  The passenger replies, "Thank God, I'm still aboard."  Then, you hear an intercom announcement in the background, announcing, "Attention, arriving in Heaven in 15-minutes.  A little more music, then, the announcer comes back on to say, "Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, now approaching Heaven, please watch your step!" (Meaning; You made it this far, don't mess up now!)  Then, you hear train brakes squealing as the train slows to a stop, and lots of sound effects and then, the train stops and you hear the air-brakes; Next the train door opens with a sliding open sound, and the passengers start off loading into Heaven and the music changes to a soothing sound/vibe and the vocals go on to say,"There is a feast here in Heaven,.................There's  a plate for you." REPEATS, then on to fade 

All rights reserved by: Roger Grace


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