Super Terrestrail

Roger Grace


Song information: 

Super Terrestrial  was one of the more creative songs on the album along with the song "Ticket." ......The song initially started  at Star Recording in the rehearsal/tracking room with Drummer Randy Rodriguez sitting on the drum throne  while Roger Grace was playing freestyle and sort of goofing around with notes trying to rouse a laugh out of Randy which was the norm for the two.  At times the pair would laughed the entire session. Roger was playing with quarter notes with his yellow Springfield 335 guitar plugged into a small practice amp and experimenting and at the moment Roger played the quarter notes that became the beginning verse notes, played in C#, when Randy quickly interjected and laughingly said, "Hey Roger, write a song using those four quarter notes and build a song using that as a foundation."  Roger laughed, and said, "Ok, I accept your challenge." And within a couple days the four quarter notes were built upon and assembled into the frame work for  Super Terrestrial.  According to Roger the notes and rest of the frame just came together easily, as if I had a Supernatural hand guiding me. I believe, I just went home and finished the song.....  Roger and Randy arduously practiced the song's notes and beats over the span of the following couple weeks until and became interesting.  The pair introduced the Super Terrestrial frame work to guitarist and vocalist Mike Ruiz and Mike just smiled and said, "Hey now, Let's Do It!" and picked up his Parker fly and played as if he already knew the song. Development of the Lyrics which were written by Roger during the tracking of the frame of the song, (not usually recommended)  in between takes and were designed to get the listener to think about what's in Heaven, what to expect and to spark thought, interest and hunger to know.  The group agrees that the song is truly a fun song.  Something to remember: Song writer, Niel Siedel stopped by during the tracking secession. 

Tidbit:  Chorus  #1 & 2 words; "Do you have an *message for us?  Why do we clash?  Why do we fuss?  We need love. We need peace.  then, in the final chorus it says, "The answer is in the question." >  in Chorus #1 & #2 "   Referring to > *The Holy Bible is the message and answer.


Vocals: Roger Grace

Guitar: Roger Grace

Guitar: Mike Ruiz

Bass: Mike Ruiz

Keys: John Cox

Drums: Randy Rodriguez

Recorded at: Star Recording

Mastering: Randy LeRoy at Final Stage in Nashville, TN

For the glory of God, written by: Roger Grace



Super Terrestrial are you there? Can you hear me; Do you care?

You hold stars in the sky; Are there Angles standing by?

Is there semi gravity? Is there equal levity?

Are there clouds that filters rays?  Are there oceans, are there bays? 

Cho1: Do you have a message for us? Why do we clash?  

Why do we fuss?  We need love; We need peace; We need love; We need peace.   "The Answer"

V2: Are there flowers that grow love? Are there showers from above?

Are there flowers, that do sing? Are there bell flowers, that ring?

About the grapes, on the vine, will we feast; Will we dine? 

Crystal rivers with fruit trees,  that give life, has no fees? 

Cho2 :  Do you have a message for us?  Why do we Clash?  

Why do we fuss?  We need love;  We need peace; We need love; We need peace. 

V3: Is there dark, among light? Only day, without night?

Is there time; Will it go? Will we care; will we know?

Will your glory be our light; Will you be our sight ? 

As you are, Morning Star;  Will you be near and far?

Cho3:  Do You have a message for us? Why do we clash?   Why do we fuss?

We need love; We need peace; We need love; We need peace.

"The Answer"   "The Answer"  "The Answer"  "The Answer is in the question!"    Grand Out-tro >>>


All rights reserved by: Roger Grace

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