Rain Dance Documentary

Roger Grace


Song information: 

The first song written for the album is remembering the struggling Native American Indian as they were here not knowing the true God and would have a ceremony and dance to their Gods. However, they knew that there were Gods and a higher powers.  We believe that it is possible that their Gods were made up, but God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit may have answered their prayers for people that did not even know or had received the gosple yet. If you recall, Moses had to strike a rock with his stick in order to get water for his people that he was in charge of bringing through the burning desert into the land of Milk and Honey. The song was the first song recorded although the last song on the album and is intended to show our love and respect for our Native American Brothers and Sisters.  And at the same time be a documentary of that particular ceromeny that ask for water like mana from the Heavens. The chorus says' "Send us down the rain that we dance for; Send us up the life that we live for."  Without water there is no life and it ends there.  Water is a necessity for everything.  The Holy Bible speaks of Living Water and streams of Living Water with in you through the Holy Spirit.

Note: Just because we believe in the possibility, does not make it the truth or necessarly make it a lie. It's a song, to provoke thought. However, it does open up the mind to compare the struggles that the Israeli people endured and the how, not even that gereration was able to reap that benifits of the Land of Milk and Honey. After this song was written, it was learned that there is speculation that some of the original Native Indians may have been immigrants for Israel after they were scattered to all  parts of the earth. As the similarities fall within their customs and ceremonies. 

How the song was written:  On this song only, Roger took out a piece of paper and pencil and wrote every preceivable word that he could think of pretaining to the Native Indian and their everyday lifes when then were living and surriving so many years ago. Then, started putting the verses together.  

Vocals: Roger Grace

Vocas: Mike Ruiz

Guitar:  Mike Ruiz

Guitar: Roger Grace

Bass guitar: Mike Ruiz

Shaker: John Cox

Tambourine: John cox 

Drums:  Randy Rodriguez

Engineer: John Cox

For the glory of God, written by: Roger Grace



Dancing to the music n kickin' it high

My heads up in the clouds n look at me fly

I like the raindance, cuz it rocks

Making me wild, it knocks my socks off

Reaching our Gods, our spirits are high

It's our way to,  open the sky.

Cho1: Send us down the ranin that we dance for; Send us up the life that we live for


Pounding the ground with my feet

I~~ feel~~ good, with ev-ery~~ beat

I'm ah rain dancin' kicking it high

My head's up in the clouds, look at me fly

I'm a little wild, I'm real tough 

It's our ceromony, it's part of us

Cho2: Send us down the rain that we dance for; Send us up the life that we live for


Nothing can break, break my stride

I get the game, I use the hide

Sometimes, it hard, hard to relate

Sometimes it's all about fate

I want to quench, quench my thirst

Let the clouds open and burst

I'm there on'  harvest day 

How it works, it works this way

Chorus out (Rain sound)   Sending us down the rain that we dance for; send us up the life we live for :I 5X to ecoh at end w/cut

Cho3 out>  Send us do

All rights reserved by: Roger Grace


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