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  • MCC is located in Indio, CA in Southern, California
  • Enhanced creative song writing skilled Christian Rock Band 
  • Writing songs for all ages and most genres by Roger Grace and
  • Creative writing skill that prusue the heart, minds that benifits the listener
  • Due to a set-back we're releasing the SMILE METER Album now Nov. 2012
  • MCC has a mission to help, so we'd like to be in your song list
  • We don't have a huge budjet to promote our upcoming album.

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Our Goal:  To establish a non-profit Band (NPO) continue writing, and tour the world.  
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Our Mission: To assist with motivation, provide inspiration, promote peace, feed the hungry, 
cloth the naked, pray for the sick/wounded and brokenhearted, assist in bringing God's chosen people
back to their homeland of Israel and to spread the good word (Gospel) of Jesus Christ throughout world
through our music, performance, and providing monetary assistance.  
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We Believe:  By assisting others, with God's will we may sooth our own 
broken hearts. 
We can make a difference!

Your support of the band is necessary, needed and tremendously appreciated.
You can support us by sending a donation, buying downloads, or buying our album and in the future, items from our store.
 Please feel free to write us with any ideas that will lend to our cause.  

Add'l info: Song writers Roger Grace and Sean Asero are actively working on the epic and seemingly fitting upcoming album titled, Pressure Cooking  at Star Recording in Indio, California for you, us and the world. 
The title of the album and song titles were decided in 2010 
And, we are enjoying the advancement
Keep us in your prayers
We love you!





Favorite snack:  Veggie Straws 

Favorite studio drinks: Water, Monster, and Gatoraid 







Non Profit Charitable Organizations that MCC Band helps:

  • Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) 
  • Martha's Kitchen
  • The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)
  • Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
  • Feed the Children
  • Galilee Center       


 Always, a special thanks to Jesus Christ, Mike Ruiz, Randy Rodriguez, Robert Hamilton, Sean Asero, Mike Young. 

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